Sunday Scraps 51

1. WANTON: Frank Bruni at the New York Times does a great job explaining the double standard sexual talk that has become all the rage. I guess it’s been around for awhile, but it suddenly seems much louder.

2. BASEBALL: There’s no crying in baseball. Great piece by Fit and Feminist about the 20th anniversary of A League of Their Own.

3. GRANNY: The Raging Grannies have been around since 1987, but this “Viagra Review Board” photo just kills me.

4. JARGON: Forbes March Madnesses the hell out of terrible corporate jargon. “Core competency” takes on “Buy in” in the first round, while “Hard stop” battles “Best practices.”

5. INSPIRATION: Do you need some? This kid just learned to ride a bike, and he has words of wisdom for us all.

6. GLORIA: NYT piece on Gloria Steinem and why such a singular iconic figure hasn’t emerged to represent in our current feminist battles. Also, it quotes Christine Stansell, one of my favorite college professors!

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