Sunday Scraps 57

1. GEOGRAPHY: Lovely essay by Ciara Flynn at Thought Catalog about the lure of a geographic change when you’re looking to jumpstart your life.

2. CULTURE: Should you check your email? Here’s a flowchart, but I’ll cut to the chase: The answer is probably no (via The Rumpus).

3. HOLLYWOOD: Where are they now? Buzzfeed has a gallery of child actors from the 90s (supporting characters only) and what they look like these days. Generally speaking, not good.

4. EDUCATION: David Brooks’ column in the New York Times is about institutions of higher education and the growing trend to measure students’ progress after $250,000 and four years. Reasonable, right?

5. SPREAD: CNN has a pretty sweet gallery of images from space documenting the spread of humanity around the world.

6. BOOBS: Thanks to New York City’s topless-in-the-park laws, a brave contributor at The Gloss ventures out sans shirt to see how the law works in practice.

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