Sunday Scraps 58

1. TECH: Great analysis from NYMag about the technological differences between Facebook and Instagram, and what makes one distrusted and the other beloved. What happens after the billion dollar purchase?

2. PROM: Religious and cultural restrictions prevented many Hamtramck students from attending a co-ed prom, so they had their own (via New York Times).

3. PLAY: Design blog This is Colossal has an awesome collection of super creative play structures. No basic monkey bars here!

4. BOOKS: Can you guess the ten most read books in the world? The Bible is number one, but what else makes the cut?

5. AUTHOR: Surprisingly, Barnes and Noble has a really interesting interview with author Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) about her new book, her mother, and process (she had a font created from her handwriting.)

6. INTERWEBZ: Comic strip Bill and Dave’s Cocktail Hour explains why the machines have won, and we might as well give up on ever disengaging from their shiny, glowing grasp.

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