I am the DQer!

I’ve mentioned my friend Jon, who writes a news round up called The Daily Quinn. If you, like me, do not have time to read the entire internet every morning, you may want to sign up. You’ll blearily get to your inbox just in time for Jon to send you links to all of the important things that happened while you were still brushing your teeth.

The DQ is quick and simple, and organized by subject (budget, education, health care, etc). I always find at least one or two great pieces that I would never have found myself (or bothered to read). If you want to sign up, email thedailyquinn @ gmail.com.

Every Friday, Jon interviews one DQ reader, and today it’s me! I feel so special! In the interview, I talk about my job, fear of credit card readers, Alison Bechdel, and B&Bs in Fort Lauderdale. Read on!

Click to read the full interview

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