Sunday Scraps 60

1. DIY: Thirteen creative solutions to one of my perennial problems: where do I put all my books? From Ecosalon.

2. FLIGHT: BBC has a badass gallery of photos of Ghana’s female pilots. What have YOU been learning in your spare time?

3. PRESIDENT: After a conservative pundit referred to Obama as a “metrosexual” President (as if that’s a bad thing…) Mother Jones put together a list of the 43 other metrosexual presidents.

4. GAME: Totally mesmerizing ten-minute short film by Jay Cheel about the politics within a group of friends as the addictive board game Settlers of Catan gets the better of them.

5. PIN-UP: The Rumpus interviews burlesque performer and red carpet regular Dita Von Teese.

6. THRONES: Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin pokes fun at his most aggressively zealous fans on his LiveJournal. And yes, he has a LiveJournal.

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3 responses to “Sunday Scraps 60

  1. helenbettencourtchase

    I love the book storage ideas! We have the same problem. 😉

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