Sunday Scraps 63 (Wildly Behind the Times Due to Vacation)

1. CABRINI: Great (long) essay from Harpers about the infamous Chicago housing project Cabrini-Green. Unlike other things I’ve read in the wake of the project’s destruction, this one actually talks to residents. Imagine that.

2. POP CULTURE: Matthew O’Brien at the Atlantic compares lyrics from frothy pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen to the Euro crisis. It almost kinda sort works.

3. JENNER: Did you know Bruce Jenner was once an Olympic athlete? Add that to the list of boats I missed when the Kardashians took over the world. From the Wheaties box to stepdad to the “stars” in Esquire.

4. FOOD: The blog of a 9-year-old about the pitiful condition of her school lunch quickly embarrassed her community enough to generate change. Shame is a powerful thing (via Grist).

5. INTERVIEW: The Rumpus interviews former GOOD Magazine editor Ann Friedman about the future of magazines, and writing, and goodness, and stuff.

6. GENDER: There’s this book. It’s called The Gender Book, and it looks pretty sweet. Independently made, it purports to be a friendly, easy, colorful way to talk about the range of human gender expression. We should probably all buy it and send it to our grandparents. Kidding.

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