Sunday Scraps 68

1. PROTECTION: A love story, told from the point of view of a condom (The New Yorker).

2. GUNS: In the wake of Aurora, comedian Jason Alexander lets loose on our gun policies. Handgun for protection? Okay fine. Rifle for hunting? Okay fine. Assault rifle? Cop killer? What’s wrong with us? (Salon).

3. POLITICS: GQ reporter Jason Zengerle undergoes the extensive vice presidential vetting process just to see what it’s like. What I learned: I will never be vice president.

4. SOCCER: Hope Solo, Olympic golden girl, has a complicated history. She’s brash, blunt, and funny in this Daily Beast profile. I’m sold.

5. ECONOMICS: John Scalzi writes on Whatever about everything he’s built, how he got there, and who helped him along the way. I believe that we all have these stories.

6. TWENTIES: Blogger Emma Koenig just signed a book deal for her comic Tumblr, Fuck I’m in my 20s. Warning: May hit close to home.

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