Another Year

Starved Rock State Park, a short drive from the city. Illinois, who knew?

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 6th anniversary with Chicago. Congratulations to us, we’re such a cute couple!

Like last year, I continue to feel obscenely lucky to have accidentally tripped and stumbled into a city that makes me smile on such a freakishly regular basis.

How to commemorate? Eat in a new restaurant (check!), walk on streets thus far untread (check!), run a 5K along the lakeshore (check!), venture out with friends (hailing from NC, NY, PA, and OH, for what it’s worth) to a state park for a little hiking and admiring of nature (check!).

Make a list of all the things I’ve written about Chicago this past year? Why not?

Phew, I only got as far back as December! Clearly, I’ve got Chicago on the brain.

My book club is currently reading Boss, an unofficial biography of the first Mayor Daley. As I dove into a section of Chicago history with which I was pretty unfamiliar, I got that same tingly, glowy feeling that I get when the skyline is finally visible out the window of a Southwest jet.

The list of Chicago things I want to see/do/visit/explore in the future is matched only by the eras of its past that I want to better understand. For me, the richness of my connection to “home” is dictated by how entrenched I feel in it now, but also how much of its unique and complicated story I absorb and there’s so much more to learn. To year seven!

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2 responses to “Another Year

  1. I remember staying at Starved Rock nearly 30 years ago in the log cabin style accommodations they had there. It’s a well-kept secret…

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