Sunday Scraps 75

1. MOBAMA: Many folks (including me) roll their eyes at Michelle Obama’s self-labeling as “mom-in-chief,” but Tami Winfrey Harris at Clutch explains why a black mom-in-chief is an entirely different story.

2. INK: Yesss, Mental Floss has compiled a gallery of library-themed tattoos, and I want them all.

3. COMICS: This cartoon from Explosm says it all. Gender rolls, lol.

4. HISTORY: What is the GOP position on the Revolutionary War? On slavery? On McCarthy? Jack Hitt at the New Yorker has helpfully assembled a conservative history of America.

5. WORDS: Man, English is the coolest and makes no frickin sense. I love it so much, and so does Ted McCagg, who created a bracketed contest seeking the best word ever.

6. LOVELY: Normally, xkcd is just plain clever, but last week they knocked it out of the park with this delightful, surprising, sweet exploration of everything.

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