I’ve Never Started a Petition Before

Until today, I had never started a petition. I wasn’t that kid in high school who went lunch table to lunch table advocating for new textbooks, or better candy in the snack machines, or cheaper prom tickets. I preferred to write my feelings (and sometimes rant my feelings) and then to think that my part in the struggle was done because I’d said my piece.

Yesterday, someone sent me a Facebook page called “12 Year Old Sluts,” (trigger warning) in which the moderators (two adult men) post and repost pictures of teenaged girls (and sometimes younger) in provocative poses for their commentariat to rip to shreds. They profess to be teaching these girls “a lesson” about not being “slutty” on the internet. The comments at best are guffaws and jokes about the girls being ugly (a lot of “I’d rather fuck a cow/tractor/dog than her”.) At worst, they are threatening (“I’d tap that…with a truck full of explosives,” “She needs a hug, around the neck…with a rope”). Many of the comments are from other girls.

I reported the page to Facebook as a violation of their community standards (which include bans on violence, threats, bullying, and harassment). They responded: “Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

I can’t remember the last time I was this blindingly angry. Writing a post didn’t seem to be enough. Ranting on Facebook didn’t seem to be enough. Tweeting my rage didn’t seem to be enough. This page’s sole purpose is to promote the harassment of women and girls, to limit the ways in which they can express themselves, to shame them into behaving a certain way, and to tear them down if they don’t. The men who created this page think they are doing someone a favor by shredding a girl’s self-esteem so she “learns a lesson.” All they do is perpetuate a cycle where women are valued strictly for how much men like to look at them.

I started a change.org petition to get Facebook to remove this page. It is currently filed under “Controversial Humor.” Here’s the full text of my letter:

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10 responses to “I’ve Never Started a Petition Before

  1. Sara Johnson

    Signed your petition! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I signed the petition and reported the page to facebook. The page is so disgusting that I actually sat here scrolling down the page with my jaw dropped. Thanks for starting the petition. 🙂

  3. Jake


    Your blog is typically a nice change and, to be honest, a breath of fresh air. I enjoy the Sunday posts, and your opinion on a wide variety of topics (period sex – who goes there? in print, I mean, not in bed), and like to come and go anonymously. But I wanted to talk to you about this, if possible.

    You believe these ‘men’ have no right to influence and/or force young women to behave or dress a certain way, but reserve the right to influence and/or force these men to behave and speak a certain way. Further, you reserve the right to influence and/or force Facebook to enforce its own rules in a particular way.

    If the men could simply petition Facebook, or the government, or the girls’ parents to force the girls to stop dressing them this way, I am sure they would. But seeing as how we live in a country that allows young girls to dress however they wish, and men (and women, as you note) to comment however they wish, and companies to enforce their rules however they wish, it seems to me that you and the men are both within your rights to express your opinion on your given platforms and NOTHING ELSE.

    We are free, but not free from criticism. That goes for twelve year old sluts, foul-mouthed degenerates, and…you.

    That withstanding, thanks for the excellent blog.


  4. Jake

    Also –

    I posted my comment before hitting the link. Having now seen the site, I have to questions:

    1. How does your friend even come across something like that? And..

    2. WTF?????!!!!!! That is some fucked up shit. The little girl just smiling and the guys superimposing a phrase on her and then calling her a slut because of the phrase that THEY superimposed on her?? WTF? Who does this shit?

    With that said, I still won’t petition to have them removed if Facebook doesn’t see it as a violation. But I am not saying that, were you to find these guys’ addresses, I wouldn’t retweet them.


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