Pelosi Rolls Deep

Obviously, I’ve been a little behind the ball this week on the blog. Busy things afoot!

I am currently sitting in the Michigan student union with my family while we spend quality family time tapping away at screens of various sizes. I jest, it’s actually pretty nice. Also, best part of traveling with family? “Dad, can I have money for the soda machine?”

Anyway, some BAMFery for your Saturday morning:

That would be the definition of “rolling deep.” You tell him, Nance. As has been pointed out, it’s not wrong to ask about young leadership and cultivating the next generation of political minds. It is not cool, however, to call out Pelosi ’cause she’s a lady, or you don’t like her, or whatever. What about McConnell, huh? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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One response to “Pelosi Rolls Deep

  1. I love watching Pelosi talk because she’s clearly one of the sharpest members of congress and doesn’t take guff from from anyone. Also, god bless C-Span.

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