The “Idiot Dad” Trope

It’s not new, the Idiot Dad TV trope. Remember Tim Allen in Home Improvement? Lately, I feel like we’re making leaps and bounds forward on the portrayal of fatherhood on screen (see Google ads and Up All Night), and simultaneously reverting to the most insulting, egregious examples (see Scott Baio in See Dad Run).

Check out my new piece for Role/Reboot on Baio, the shortcomings of focus groups, Huggies, and why you “can’t be what you can’t see.”

scott baio

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5 responses to “The “Idiot Dad” Trope

  1. Stephanie Barney

    I disagree with this analogy of the ” idiot dad trope” and it started long before Homer Simpson. Look back at old I Love Lucy runs and tell me how competent Ricky Ricardo appeared. I think todays t.v. is so tainted with reality nonsense. Beautiful women going on national t.v. to find a husband doing things you wouldn’t want your mom to see, shows of drunken teenagers humping anything that moves, follies of the rich and bored, homosexuality slathered on every sitcom. We all know all these things truly exist but I don’t want to see it on every chanel. I will take the wholesome whacky zaniness over reality t.v. anyday. I would much rather a child of mine emulate these characteristics than the ones portrayed in 90% of the sitcoms on t
    V. Now. It jusr goes to show the moral decline of our society as a whole when we would ra

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