Sunday Scraps 88


1. SANDY: Great longform essay in the NYT, about how a private apartment complex in the Rockaways, called the Sand Castle, fared during Sandy.

2. CRAY: If you watch one video this holiday season, make it this one, of a trio of Russian gymnasts defying all laws of physics and biology.

3. GAMING: ChartPorn has a graphic illustrating the evolution of video games by both genre (check out the fall of arcade-style) and by platform.

4. NEWTOWN: I had to look up “Moloch” to get this Garry Willis piece for New York Review of Booksand I will let you enjoy the same wikipedia adventure, but once I did, totally worth it.

5. LANGUAGE: Why does “doubt” have a “B” in it? Don’t you just want a TED Talk on this exact subject?

6. BOOBS: I’m a little late on the uptake with Anna March’s Salon piece, “My Shazam Boobs“, but it is as good as everyone said it was. What are boobs for, exactly? And how does that change, psychologically, as we age and combat illness or the threat of it?

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