I Hearby Resolve…

…to attempt to keep this New Year’s Eve post at a tolerable level of cheesiness, but I make no promises. It’s 8:00 and I’m still in sweatpants reading my book and listening to revelers get an early start on the block below. My house is quiet, for the moment, and it’s kind of nice to have a few hours to myself before it’s time to hop and wiggle into some tights and a dress, try to make my hair look like this, and go see some people I really like to celebrate the end of 2012.

One of the many adjustments New Englanders make when they move west is the realization that when the ball drops on Times Square and Ryan Seacrest’s spray-tanned mug splits into a manic grin, it will only be 11:00 here. The east coast really does think it’s the center of the world, so settling in Chicago has been more of a mental shift than a geographic one to me. It seems fitting for the second city to have the second New Year’s.

*      *      *      *       *

One of my favorite moments in yoga is when we’re asked to put our palms up if we’re seeking energy, palms down if we want to feel more grounded. It’s a question that forces us to consider, even briefly, what exactly we need at that moment. Are we on our way up or or the way down? What is coming and where does my mind need to be to make the most of it? Personally, I don’t ask myself these questions nearly enough, so the end of a yoga practice is as good a time as any.

Which brings me to everyone’s favorite NYE topic: resolutions. I fully admit they are arbitrary and unlikely to be fulfilled. That said, this is a moment, silly and sensationalized as it is, to think about what I want for the next year, and so here’s what I’ve got:

1. Drink more water.

2. Eat more delicious things, like bagels and cream cheese, cupcakes, guacamole, fresh fruit, and bacon. Eat less fake shit, even if there’s enough sugar and salt and sugar and salt substitutes to temporarily trick me into thinking it’s delicious.

3. Take more walks. Have you seen my city?

4. Do more yoga.

5. Call my parents more. Talk to my brother more. Take the 21 minutes I could be watching a sitcom and call someone I haven’t heard from in a while.

6. Give away what I don’t need.

7. Read stuff that doesn’t reinforce what I already believe to be true. I don’t know about Fox.com, but there has to be a middle ground, right?

8. Drink more water (It needs to be said again!) In fact, I’m going to go get some right now.

9. Do things that make me make this face (↓) as much as possible:

photo (8)

See you all on the other side!


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