So What Do You Do Exactly? Ski Edition

Julia SkiingYay! New year, new posts in my job series, So What Do You Do Exactly? Meet Julia, maker of excellent margaritas, leader of hikes, skier extraordinaire. She has managed to find that elusive combination of a) earning a living and b) doing her favorite thing all day.

What’s your actual job title? Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Beaver Creek Resort

What would your job title be if it described what you do? Snow messaging wizard, media hosting ambassador and news source for the ski area.

What’s a sample day like? How do you spend your time? During a typical day, I might arrive at work at 6:45am to set up for and execute an outdoor Skype interview with local news channels to show our new snow and to talk about upcoming events and terrain openings (It is very challenging to keep both the electronics and fingers from freezing during this process!)

I head back to the office and check emails to see if there are any urgent media requests; if there are, I respond accordingly with information, photos or b-roll. Next, I’ll usually work on any releases we have in the queue or work on a “Photo Alert” release with the best picture from the day’s photo shoot out on the hill.

For lunch I will usually hit the slopes and ski for an hour – you know, test the product. After lunch, I usually have a meeting, whether it’s a marketing team meeting to discuss where we stand on various campaigns or an events meeting to get details for an upcoming release.

In the afternoon I might also work on an itinerary for an upcoming journalist’s visit. First, I need to determine what their story angle is. Who is their audience? Then I tailor an itinerary, maybe including sleigh rides to a five-star cabin dinner, tubing, ski lessons and more. Once journalists arrive, I try to ski with them and tour them around the resort.

Which projects are you most proud of? I am really excited about our upcoming Beaver Creek Food & Wine Weekend event. We will have celebrity chefs including Gail Simmons and John Besh teach seminars and host intimate gourmet dinners. There is also a Celebrity Chef Ski Race where fans can bid to be on their favorite chef’s team and all proceeds go to the chefs’ charities of choice.

Which parts of your job do you find the most challenging? Or rewarding? The most challenging part of my is when there are crises, i.e. ski accidents, avalanches etc. Thankfully they are few and far between. The most rewarding part of my job is that I work in an industry I have been in love with my whole life and I get to talk about it and promote it for a living. A dream come true.

I feel like you’ve found a unique way to combo what you do for fun with making a living. How’d you manage that? Any advice? I feel like I am really lucky in that I get to use my authentic passion for skiing and experience in the sport to excel at my job. It is interesting to be on the guest service/business side of things rather than the consumer/athlete side. I never had any clue how many resources and people it takes to operate a ski area and corporate ski company. The only issue with having your hobby as your job is that your world becomes very narrow and sometimes skiing isn’t as fun as it should be because it’s work and not just for fun. Other than that, my job rocks!

Can someone finally explain to me how you make snow? Ahh snowmaking, it’s not as complicated as you might think. All it requires is the proper temperature (between 0 and 25 degrees F) and an air and water combination that depends on the temperature. The water and air link up to a “snow gun” and are combined so the pressurized air forces the water out onto the slopes and forms snow crystals. Voilà.

Watch Julia promote Beaver Creek!

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