Twenty Five

Yesterday was my birthday.

In real life, it played out beautifully with appearances by all my favorite people, delicious food, some sort of passion fruit cocktail, yoga, a house full of people who didn’t break anything and seemed to have a good time.

On the internet, it played out like this:


So happy birthday to me! In the words of my mother, I’m a quarter through my life (ambitious, no?). From my dad, a reminder that when he turned 55 I pointed out he was closer to 60 than 50, and so “You’re closer to 30 than 20! Payback’s a bitch!” From my brother, “Wow, you’re old.”

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4 responses to “Twenty Five

  1. hswinson

    Love the graph. Facebook is such a weird place.

  2. Lauren

    Happy Birthday! I agree with the above comment, the whole internet is a weird place, but glad ot hear your day was nice.

  3. Ha! Awesome that you’re an aquarius. February is a good time to be born. Happy Birthday again, cuz that never gets old-!

  4. It is a weird place. Happy birthday! (I belong in the little gray box of people you really don’t know.) I’ve enjoyed your writing.

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