Beyonce: World Domination or “Gyrating in a Black Teddy”?

True confessions: I didn’t watch the Superbowl. My book club obliviously picked Sunday to discuss Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and it turns out that we’re nerds who would rather talk about the ethics of Western reporters covering Indian slums and journalist “truthiness” than watch the Ravens and that other team.

That said, of course I had to watch the Beyonce half-time show, and of course I had to see which commercial out-misogynyed all the rest (Go Daddy, was the answer, by the way). So this week, for Role/Reboot I wrote about Beyonce, owning your sexuality, Peggy Orenstein, horrible ads, and National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.

Why Beyonce Made Me Proud To Be A Woman

I would like to note, for the record, I did not choose the title.

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5 responses to “Beyonce: World Domination or “Gyrating in a Black Teddy”?

  1. Slam dunk. I wish I could give multiple likes. This warrants a love button.

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