Sunday Scraps 97


1. GENDER: Remember when Anita Sarkeesian at Feminist Frequency got seriously harassed by the internet? The fruits of her labor are now available in the form of part 1 of her exploration of gender in video games.

2. RACE: W. Ralph Eubanks at the American Scholar explores what happens to conceptions of race when DNA tests prove your origins diverge from your sense of self.

3. PORN: Here’s a profile of porn entrepreneur Cindy Gallop (of Make Love Not Porn) from Vice. I think there’s a reason we don’t watch regular people have sex, but I wish her all the luck in the world if she can change some of the most offensive porn norms.

4. PUNDITS: Ta-Nehisi Coates invariably blows me away with everything he writes. The New York Observer tracks Coates’ rise to intellectual stardom.

5. PRETTY: Smithsonian Magazine’s best photos of 2012.

6. NAMES: Nico Lang writes for Thought Catalog about what happens when his readers can’t tell whether he’s male or female and how that changes their reactions to his pieces. I wish I had written this, but Emily is kind of an obvious name….

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