Do I get to write about Trayvon, too?

Well, I did. I feel further outside my wheelhouse than I’ve been in a while on this one, but I have thoughts and I have a blog and consequently those thoughts will be put to paper… screen, for Role/Reboot.

Especially after Richard Cohen’s horrendous WaPo piece about how Trayvon was wearing a “uniform we all recognize,” I find parallels (not perfect ones, but relevant ones) between this attitude, “You can’t blame us for reacting like racists because of all that fear you cause,” and the victim-blaming we hurl at women, “You can’t blame us for harassing you because of all that desire you cause.”

I’m already taking a beating over this one on the interwebz, so don’t hold back, friends. Key comments thus far:

“I found this rolereboot entry to be a bit of thin and unsatisfying gruel”

“I had to shake my head early and often, though, at the “privileged,” ivory tower, caricature-of-the-1950s fantasy land that she describes . . . and seems to think that I inhabit”



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