Do feelings make sex better? Yes.*

*Yes, for me. How the hell do I know what makes sex good for you? 

*Yes, but which feelings?

*Yes, but it’s a matter of degrees.

*No? Oh my bad, friend, sorry for making assumptions.

With the help of Facebook contributors and all you lovelies who emailed me with essays about your sexual hang-ups (thanks for that!) I wrote about the venn diagram of good sex and feelings this week at Role/Reboot. Sorry-not-sorry Mom and Dad!


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2 responses to “Feeeeeeeeeelings

  1. Have you seen the detective show “The Fall” with Gillian Anderson? There’s a thread where she initiates a nearly wordless one-nighter with a fellow detective. She’s totally in the driver’s seat. Later, when her colleagues find out and start lecturing her about ethics and morality, she says (I paraphrase), “Man f**ks woman. Man subject, woman object. That’s OK. Woman f**ks man. Woman subject. Man object. That makes you extremely uncomfortable.” I find the scene fascinating.

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