Dating Should Not be a Meal Ticket

Did you hear about that woman in Toronto who bragged about all the free food she was getting by using her womanly wiles to lure lunkheads into paying for her meals? Oh wait, isn’t that kind of dating works?

I’ve written about the age-old question (well… say, early 70s-old) of who should pay for dates before, and my feelings have not changed. Between peers, I really can’t see any reason that men should be expected to pay for dates. Once things get going, yeah, sure, treat each other or take turns or do whatever works for you, but the assumption that the financial burden of your time together is always on him drives me a little insane.

This week, Erin Wotherspoon became a blip on the pop culture screen when her Tumblr Restaurant Tips from a Serial Dater got noticed for her professed desire to eat her way through Toronto’s finest restaurants on the dime of dudes willing to funder culinary adventures because she’s pretty. Here’s my take on transactional dating for Role/Reboot.


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5 responses to “Dating Should Not be a Meal Ticket

  1. Iiiiiii think I’d rather have my own. That way I don’t owe anybody anything. Yes God bless the child who has her own.

  2. The transactional approach to dating is why it’s just falling apart. When you pay for sex with dinner rather than cash, it’s not quite as clear if both parties are on the same page for what is being payed for and how. It’s still reducing almost all Romantic interactions to prostitution. And it can lead to miscommunication “rapes” based on crossed wires for what services the prostitute err woman is providing.

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