Hot Dudes + Big Girls

Inspired partially by an encounter with a cologne-model looking dude at a train station and the most recent episode of Shameless (in which Lip hooks up with a very sexy woman much larger than him), I wrote this week for Role/Reboot about what happens when “guys like that” like “girls like me.”

I’ve written about this before (as did everybody else) after the infamous Girls episode with Patrick Wilson.


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4 responses to “Hot Dudes + Big Girls

  1. Jeanne-Marie Lesko

    Sweetie, a size 10 is not large. 🙂

    • Hey Jeanne-Marie, who said anything about a size 10? I used the phrase “double digits” as a common delineator of straight and plus sizes (as they are defined by the industry, not by me). Double digits includes 10, yes, but also 18, 24, etc….

      Also, just for the record, while I agree that a size 10 is statistically average, this is a piece about beauty standards, which are not built around averages, but rather built around societal values, however flawed, of beauty. And by those (crappy) standards, a 10 actually would be considered non-ideal.

      • This is very true. I am size 10-12 (UK, which I believe is smaller than a US 10) and I don’t think I read as a large girl when I’m out and about, but I totally have these feels all the time. I am still genuinely surprised when a conventionally attractive dude goes for me and spend ages rationalizing what his weird motives might be.

  2. Well written piece Emily, made me think a bit as did the thing on yoga from today…..culture operates on all of us in weird ways. Just to give a perspective from the other (guy) side, I used to be a pretty serious athlete (not so much any more) but I was always more attracted to bigger women. Of course that didn’t stop me from internalizing what I was *supposed* to do, so I got married to a very thin and unhealthy person (perhaps narcisistic), who reminds me a bit of the woman you described from the yoga class. Needless to say it wasn’t a good match and after working it through I’ve just come to the conclusion, I like what I like as does anyone else. Plus there are a lot of other qualities about people that are attractive.

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