For those of you that just know me on the Internet, you may be shocked (SHOCKED!) to find that I wasn’t always Emily Heist Moss. I added the Heist a couple of years back to correct an imbalance I felt in my name.

After reading Molly Caro May’s excellent essay on The Hairpin about giving her daughter her last name instead of her husband’s, I decided to share the full rationale for the Heist addition this week on Role/Reboot:




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  1. Thanks for the post, and I couldn’t agree more…

    I’m a mid-50ish guy that wants to take my wife’s name. We’ve been married for almost 20 years with two teenage boys, so it’s a bit more of a challenge.

    There are many reasons why I want to take my wife’s name at this stage of the game including:

    Coming from a very dysfunctional family
    There is no one left in my family, so my wife’s family is my family
    My love for my wife
    My wife is the matriarch of our family, so it is only fitting that I take her name
    My support of feminism and disdain for patriarchy

    Although my wife knows I’m serious, she is not enthusiastic. Just kinda accepting of it. She thinks it would be confusing for the kids, and that if I want to to do this, I should have done so when we were first married. Unfortunately, way back then it didn’t appear to me as an option.

    So far, I haven’t changed it ‘legally’, just dropped my last name and adopted my wife’s maiden name (my wife primarily uses her maiden name anyway) when subscribing to magazines, emails, etc. The law in my home state allows that either spouse may use the last name of the other spouse, so that’s what I’m doing!!!

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