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The ESPN Body Issue & #HuskyTwitter

Last week for Role/Reboot I wrote about the annual ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue”, which features naked portraits of lots of people who can do some crazy powerful/graceful/coordinated shit with their bodies. The cover star, baseball player Prince Fielding, is an atypical choice for ESPN and quickly launched the #HuskyTwitter hashtag in celebration of a different kind of athletic body.


I’m all for celebrating different kinds of athletic bodies, but I’m still dismayed to see that the women featured in the Body Issue generally don’t get to break the mold of traditional “athletic” the way that Fielder does. Where are the husky female athletes? A sleuthing reader dug back through the archives and found this 2009 entry with shotputter Michelle Carter.

Screenshot_7_14_14_11_07_AM-2He also pointed out that there aren’t as many sports that allow for husky women to excel; they don’t get funneled into linebacker positions on the football team or heavy wrestling weightclasses. Sure, maybe, but it’s also about whose bodies we are comfortable celebrating as “Bodies We Want,” which is what ESPN titles the series. We don’t see Taylor Townsend, Holley Mangold, Rebecca Adlington or other, phenomenally gifted female athletes as possessing desirable bodies because they don’t fit the only mold we’ve been taught is desirable.

Prince Fielder is certainly a deviation from the normal ab-fest we expect to see in these stories, and that’s a great start. Men need variation in “Bodies We Want,” too. But let’s not forget the ladies as we break body barriers and celebrate the husky athletes. We’re here too!

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Sunday Scraps 93


1. BOOKS: The always excellent, sharp-as-a-muhfucking-tack Margaret Atwood is interviewed for The Rumpus about Oryx and Crake, the state o’ the ladies, and how to write dystopia.

2. CHICAGO: Because I live in Chicago, when travel blog Go Go Go wrote a “How to Visit Chicago” post 8 MILLION people emailed me. He is mostly right. I try to avoid fights with homeless people, which he seems to think is kind of essential, but to each their differences.

3. NERDERY: Uuunnnnhhhh, this makes me so happy. The folks at the aptly titled Overthinking It have calculated President Bartlet’s West Wing approval ratings.

4. HISTORY: If you dig little-known stories about cool historical people who you’ve never heard of doing neat shit, this BuzzFeed piece about a 13-year-old girl who played pro baseball in the 20s is for you.

5. FOOTBALL: I read somewhere that at one point a third of the NFL coaches were disciples of Bill Walsh. Dude wrote a 500 page manifesto and it happens to be on every football coach’s shelf. Who knew? ESPN has the scoop.

6. GUNS: I missed this post-Newtown, but dang… this XOJane essay by Haley Elkins knocked me over. It’s about growing up with guns and why they (some of them anyway, in the right hands) should still scare the living shit out of you. Read it now, kthxbai.

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Sunday Scraps 51

1. WANTON: Frank Bruni at the New York Times does a great job explaining the double standard sexual talk that has become all the rage. I guess it’s been around for awhile, but it suddenly seems much louder.

2. BASEBALL: There’s no crying in baseball. Great piece by Fit and Feminist about the 20th anniversary of A League of Their Own.

3. GRANNY: The Raging Grannies have been around since 1987, but this “Viagra Review Board” photo just kills me.

4. JARGON: Forbes March Madnesses the hell out of terrible corporate jargon. “Core competency” takes on “Buy in” in the first round, while “Hard stop” battles “Best practices.”

5. INSPIRATION: Do you need some? This kid just learned to ride a bike, and he has words of wisdom for us all.

6. GLORIA: NYT piece on Gloria Steinem and why such a singular iconic figure hasn’t emerged to represent in our current feminist battles. Also, it quotes Christine Stansell, one of my favorite college professors!

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Sunday Scraps 22

1. GENDER: Sociological Images caught a great example of gender assumptions in kids products, this one more insidious than most. The boy backpack is for a pilot, the girl backpack is for a pilot’s assistant.

2. COLBERT: Stephen Colbert picked apart the coverage of new health care regulations that cover breast pumps, birth control and domestic abuse counseling. “What’s next?” says the commentator, “manicures and pedicures?”

3. SPORTS: The history of the “high five” from ESPN. Who knew it included the first MLB player to come out (after he left the league)?

4. INTERWEBZ: Debates I often have with myself about arguments on the internet, crystallized in infographic form.

5. PARANOIA: I cackled at this post from The Bloggess about using bananas to scare the bejeezus out of your friends, or random supermarket patrons.

6. LIFE: Big questions? McSweeney’s has all the answers.

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Sunday Scraps 15 (Special Hamptons Edition)

Note: Nothing is really special about this Sunday Scraps edition except that I’m writing it from the Hamptons… because I’m cool like that. More accurately, because I have cool friends who are willing to share.

1. COMICS: Artist Megan Rosalarian Gedris is examining gender in comic books with a neat little illustrator trick. She’s keeping the ridiculous costumes, but replacing the bodies of the sexed-up female superheroes with male counterparts just to see what happens.

2. LANGUAGE/BASEBALL: Letters of Note has this excellent memo from 1898 instructing players on inappropriate language. On the no-no list “you prick eating bastard.”

3. BOOKS: The Guardian has a list of the hundred best non-fiction books. I have read a mere five. Pathetic.

4. SEX: My adoration for Ariel Levy knows few bounds. I very much enjoyed her essay in Guernica about her two first times. It’s a meditation on the meaning of virginity and intimacy in this day and age.

5. BODY WORDS: Great post by Virginia at Never Say Diet about the word “fat” and its many connotations. When did an adjective that describes a figure become such a derogatory term for all things horrible?

6. GAY: From the NYT, fascinating account of an “ex-gay” who went from editing a gay magazine in San Francisco to Bible school in Wyoming.

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