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S(Monday) Scraps 106


1. WEIGHT: How not to be a dick to your fat friends. Spot on advice from Marianne at XOJane.

2. HOLLYWOOD: This clip is old, but man is it good. Watch Dustin Hoffman have a few on-camera epiphanies while talking about dressing like a woman in Tootsie.

3. RACE: Kiese Laymon on multicultural writing, what it means to be a “real black writer,” and the state of modern publishing. For Guernica.

4. ABORTION: My second favorite dude comedian, Rob Delaney, writes for the Guardian about why he’s pro-choice.

5. SEX ED: The always excellent Marianne Cassidy on the sex education she wish she’d had (but never got, because she grew up in uber-Catholic Ireland).

6. WRITERS: Roxane Gay at The Rumpus applies the Vida test to race and publishing. Guess what percentage of NYT book reviews were of non-white writers?

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Welcome Newbies

Dear New Friends,

I want to take a minute and extend a warm welcome to those of you who are new to Rosie Says. This past week has been a blur of awesome, thanks to the letter I wrote to a street harasser on the gender site Role/RebootI mean, come on, Paul Tompkins retweeted me, how could I beat that? (Maybe if Tina Fey retweeted… a girl can dream, you know?) 

Emily Heist Moss (rosiesaysblog) on Twitter-1

Before you poke around (and please do!) let me give you the lay of the land. This is my personal blog about things that I find interesting, mostly in the categories encompassed by a triple venn diagram: gender/sex, media, and politics. Sometimes, of course, I stray off into the internet corners dedicated to food or sports or books or other things that grab my mind for a minute or a month. There are also regular features (like guest posts from experts on things I know nothing about) and recurring questions, like what makes a show feminist? Check out the About tab above for other places I’ve been published and a more thorough explanation of what this whole shebang is about.

I love to hear from you guys, and your feedback this past week has made it impossible for me to stop grinning. Feel free to comment here, or find me on Facebook, tweet at me, or email me at sayhitorosie AT gmail DOT come.

Thanks for stopping by,



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