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Why You Should Be Reading Grantland

If you’re not an ESPN-watching dude, or you don’t have very many ESPN-watching dude friends, you might be missing out. The first person to send me something from Grantland, an online magazine on sports and pop culture, was one of those dudes, and I doubt I would have stumbled upon it without his help.

Grantland was founded by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, what Ad Age calls a “one-man content generating apparatus,” in June 2011. I was late to the game and only added it to my reader a month ago, but in that time, I’ve starred oh so many things.

Ostensibly for long form sports and culture, I really find it’s at its strongest at the nexus of those two. Anything in the “sports and” category is where they really hit their stride: Sports and medicine (like this piece on CTE in NFL players), sports and gender (like this on the Kournikova era), Sports and race (like this one on Serena Williams), but every now and then, there’s the randomest of gems (like this diva-off).

My reader and Twitter feeds, not to mention my typical self-guided daily tour through the interwebz, is basically a who’s who of 3rd wave feminism. Jezebel, Mother Jones, Peggy Orenstein, the XX Factor, Anita Sarkeesian, Clarisee Thorn, this is my digital bread and butter. The Grantland staff isn’t exactly the equivalent of reading Drudge every morning in terms of spicing up my web consumption, but it’s a different crowd and I think I like it.

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Sunday Scraps 71

1. GLOBAL SEXUALITY: New York Times report on the global domination of Cosmo and how cover to cover, mag to mag, the content shifts to accommodate cultural norms from Kazakhstan to Singapore.

2. HELEN: More Cosmo: Letters of Note has a spectacular letter from legendary Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown to the editor of Turkish Cosmo berating her for the offshoot’s content.

3. OLYMPICS: What happens to the Olympic facilities after the Games have come and gone? Sociological Images has a gallery.

4. FOOTBALL: When NFL players commit suicide, Ann McKee is the doctor they send their brains too. Grantland profiles McKee as she investigates what football does to the brain while also trying to save the sport she loves.

5. ADVICE: Four advice columnists, including Dear Sugar and Dear Prudence, gather for a roundtable to discuss advice-doling strategies and the most common dilemmas (#1 = How do I get over an ex?).

6. AMERICA: America Ferrera, who I’ve missed dearly since saying goodbye to Ugly Betty, is back with a web series called Christine. Worth a look.

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