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S(Tuesday) Scraps 109


1. HOOPS: Bill Simmons, who I generally love, gets rightfully reamed by college basketball player Wayne Washington when Simmons refers to his dreads as “stinky.”

2. AUTHORS: Curtis Sittenfeld (Prep, American Wife) gets interviewed by The Rumpus about her new book, Sisterland.

3. NEW MEXICO: The New Yorker‘s Rachel Syme, writes eloquently about the hometown she shares with Walter White.

4. CELEB: I really dig this advice from Olivie Wilde in Glamour, or rather, this advice from her ghostwriter. Regardless, I’m into it.

5. MOMS: My favorite, Roxane Gay, interviews her mother for The Hairpin about how she feels about her mothering decisions, 30 years later. Should we all be so lucky as to have these conversations.

6. SPORTS: What does it say about you as a parent when you push your daughter down the path of soccer, dance, or chess? Apparently a lot?

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Sunday Scraps Week 6

1. BOOKS/CRAFTS: Etsy + Penguin classics = gorgeous, hand embroidered covers to Emma, Black Beauty, and The Secret Garden.

2. POLITICS: If Congress looked like America, what would it look like? More women, more black people, fewer Jews, fewer Protestants, less money.

3. SEX/WORK: Sudhir Venkatesh (author of Gangleader for a Day) sums up his findings on New York’s prostitution industry in infographic form.

4. COMEDY/WOMEN: From the NYT, Curtis Sittenfeld (author of American Wife and Prep) on Tina Fey, Oprah, comedy and short husbands 

5. TV/LOVE OF MY LIFE: NYMag follows the cast of much-missed Friday Night Lights to their new gigs.

6. BODY IMAGE/FAITH: Eating disorders are on the rise in orthodox Jewish communities, enough so that the Renfrew Center has started offering kosher options at its clinics.

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