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Couple or Bust?

This was a tough one to write. I knew I wanted to talk about the idea of “the primacy of the couple” and different kinds of love.  I knew I wanted to include some of Eric Klinenberg’s Going Solo research about the demographic trend towards solitary living. Fun fact, single-occupant homes are the most common domestic unit in America. Here’s another: the average American spends more than half their adult life unpartnered. There’s a lot more. Read the book.

Also, read my essay for Role/Reboot (title, as usual, not selected by me):


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Maptastic for Your Weekend

You know how I feel about maps. Here are three fun map-related things people have sent me this week.

1. Neighborhood Branding: Apparently, an artist has taken it upon him or herself to brand Chicago neighborhoods with appropriate typography.






2. The CTA vs. NYC: From Transit Maps, if you flip and rotate the CTA train map and lay it across Manhattan, eh… it kinda fits?

3. Demographics! If you want to get real fancy, spend some time with these population maps from Straight Dope Chicago. They track population movement by wealth and race from 1980 to 2009. See that little rich, white bubble that looks so out of place on the South Side? Oh heyyyyy, Hyde Park!

P.S. It’s January in Chicago, so I’m doing the smart thing and leaving. I’m going to LA for a few days to remind myself what 75 degrees feels like, so I’ll shall be MIA for the weekend.

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