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Sunday Scraps 41

1. EQUALITY: How can we combat the misguided and preposterous belief that allowing gays to marry will someone lead the way to people marrying toasters, dogs, and dead people? A handy diagram to hand out to all your idiot friends.

2. LIBRARY: Flavorwire has a highly subjective list of the 25 most beautiful college libraries. I’m not going to argue though, because Harper is #8.

3. PUBES: Ever wonder about the history of pubic hair? Yeah, me too. The Atlantic takes a historical approach the current trend of ripping it all out.

4. FASHION: Blogger Marissa at New Dress A Day buys heinously ugly dresses and revamps each and every one to make something contemporary and wearable. And she does this every day.

5. ADORBS: Even babies who don’t know any words can mimic the speech patterns of rap music. So freaking cute (and so is the dad….).

6. LEGO: Lego is launching a new line of girls toys called Lego Friends. Businessweek investigates the origins of the new line and Lego’s history with shoving the pink crap in the corner.

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Sunday Scraps 27

1.TECH: A comic at Funny Junk demonstrates why we spend so much time on line in a few quick frames.

2. KARDASHIAN: I love This is Indexed for this very concise explanation of the Kardashians’ effect on society.

3. TODDLER: I think the title captures the essence: “Approximately 3 Minutes Inside the Head of my 2-Year-Old”, from Jason Good 365.

4. SENDAK: Remember Maurice Sendak? Where the Wild Things Are? He has a new story out about a pig named Bumble-Ardy. Here’s an interview he did with the Paris Review.

5. BOOKS: A visual history of how we consume the written word, from the New York Times.

6. RISK!: Ever wonder what it means when scientific studies talk about your “risk!!!!!” for certain diseases? The Boston Globe breaks down the lingo and explains how eating chocolate “lowers your risk” for heart disease.

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Sunday Scraps 25

1. ART: Slate has a slide show of Alexa Meade’s “human canvases.” She paints on real live human beings to make them look like paintings of humans.  Take another look at that picture above; that is a real dude on a subway platform.

2. LIBRARY: One Canadian library is combating the decline in readership by loaning out “human experts.” Hmmmmm. From GOOD Magazine.

3. SLUT: Alida at The Frenemy very succinctly, and hilariously, explains why throwing around “slut” is bad for all women, not just the receiver of the “insult.”

4. YOGA: Yoga teacher Sarah explains to The Awl what is so annoying about yoga (onion smell, excessive hugging, show-offs, etc.) and also explains why you should do it.

5: BRAZIL: How did Brazil manage to crash it’s birth rate to lower than the United States’ so quickly? This National Geographic piece looks at the causes for the “playground slide” drop, including telenovelas!

6: REPUBLICAN 2012: Venn diagrams are fun. Especially when they come from Nate Silver and have Republican nominee candidates categorized by “electable,” “interested in running,” and “reliably conservative.”

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