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S(Monday) Scraps 108


1. AUTHORS: 50 places every literary fan should visit, according to Flavorwire. I’ve been to one…

2. OITNB: If you are not watching Orange is the New Black I don’t even really know what to say to you anymore. Anyway, Autostraddle has an in-depth look at the differences between the memoir and the show.

3. RACE: After Don Lemon’s awful advice to black people (pull up your pants!) Jay Smooth takes him to task on the Ill Doctrine and explains how pulling up one’s pants does diddly squat to solve institutionalized inequality.

4. PRIVILEGE: Doug Muder’s The Weekly Sift very articulately picks apart the “distress of the privilege” with examples from Pleasantville to Chick-fil-A.

5. BRAZIL: Suketu Meta (author of Maximum City) writes for the New York Review of Books about his experience traveling in the favelas of Brazil.

6. ADVICE: George Saunders, who I love, gave a stellar commencement address to Syracuse about kindness.

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Sunday Scraps 62 (Delayed AGAIN on account of flames)

Jeez, this lack of interwebz thing is a real buzz-kill on the blogging front. Hope to back in full-force soon!

1.RACE: Yo, is this racist? Aren’t sure? Post your conundrum for the resident racism-checker to verify. Short answer, if you have to ask, then yes.

2. STORY: Such a great profile of the StoryCorps project by Kim Green. The roving StoryCorps trailer has a full recording studio and gives family and friends an excuse to sit down and tell each other stories.

3. GRAMMAR: Who doesn’t love a little grammar cartoon?

4. SHERYL: The corporate world isn’t a ladder anymore, but a jungle gym. That, and other pearls of wisdom from Sheryl Sandberg’s speech to Harvard Business School.

5. TECH: Ellen Pao is suing a major venture capital firm over sexual harassment. This New York Times article covers the case, but starts with the irritating line “MEN invented the Internet.”

6. AUTHORS: Authors in swimsuits is the theme of this gallery from Flavorwire. Fitzgerald. That is all.

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Sunday Scraps 41

1. EQUALITY: How can we combat the misguided and preposterous belief that allowing gays to marry will someone lead the way to people marrying toasters, dogs, and dead people? A handy diagram to hand out to all your idiot friends.

2. LIBRARY: Flavorwire has a highly subjective list of the 25 most beautiful college libraries. I’m not going to argue though, because Harper is #8.

3. PUBES: Ever wonder about the history of pubic hair? Yeah, me too. The Atlantic takes a historical approach the current trend of ripping it all out.

4. FASHION: Blogger Marissa at New Dress A Day buys heinously ugly dresses and revamps each and every one to make something contemporary and wearable. And she does this every day.

5. ADORBS: Even babies who don’t know any words can mimic the speech patterns of rap music. So freaking cute (and so is the dad….).

6. LEGO: Lego is launching a new line of girls toys called Lego Friends. Businessweek investigates the origins of the new line and Lego’s history with shoving the pink crap in the corner.

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