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S(Monday) Scraps 106


1. WEIGHT: How not to be a dick to your fat friends. Spot on advice from Marianne at XOJane.

2. HOLLYWOOD: This clip is old, but man is it good. Watch Dustin Hoffman have a few on-camera epiphanies while talking about dressing like a woman in Tootsie.

3. RACE: Kiese Laymon on multicultural writing, what it means to be a “real black writer,” and the state of modern publishing. For Guernica.

4. ABORTION: My second favorite dude comedian, Rob Delaney, writes for the Guardian about why he’s pro-choice.

5. SEX ED: The always excellent Marianne Cassidy on the sex education she wish she’d had (but never got, because she grew up in uber-Catholic Ireland).

6. WRITERS: Roxane Gay at The Rumpus applies the Vida test to race and publishing. Guess what percentage of NYT book reviews were of non-white writers?

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That Time of Year When Everyone Makes Lists (Part 2!)

Last week, I posted part 1 of my Best Things I Read on the Internet series. Here’s part 2. Enjoy!

  • “Real Women” – Filling a Much-Needed Void (Hanne Blank): Short, succinct, dead-on. “There is no wrong way to have a body.”
  • “Paper Tigers” – New York Magazine (Wesley Yang): These are painful lessons about growing up as “other” that Yang describes, but each lesson is told with such breathtaking observational talent that you can hardly fault him for drawing attention to the cracks and crevices of the Asian-American experience.
  • The Price of Intolerance – Chicago Reader (Steve Bogira): It’s 1971 in Back-of-the-Yards, a neighborhood in Chicago in the midst of tremendous change. It’s a national story couched in the vernacular of the local.
  • “Poor Teaching for Poor Children…In the Name of Reform” – Education Week (Alfie Kohn): Do you think you know what’s wrong with schools? You’re probably wrong. This essay is the closest thing I’ve read to identifying exactly why the education I received was so outstanding, and why that’s unbelievably unfair.
  • “My First Time, Twice” – Guernica (Ariel Levy): Intimacy, angst, pressure, desire, fear… it’s all a bundle of crazy when you’re 14. That’s how old Ariel Levy was when she decided that the clock was literally ticking on her virginity.
  • “A Whiff o History” – Boston Globe (Courtney Humphries) – Are a history geek? Does thinking about the implications of recreating historical smells get you all excited? Yeah… me too.

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Sunday Scraps 15 (Special Hamptons Edition)

Note: Nothing is really special about this Sunday Scraps edition except that I’m writing it from the Hamptons… because I’m cool like that. More accurately, because I have cool friends who are willing to share.

1. COMICS: Artist Megan Rosalarian Gedris is examining gender in comic books with a neat little illustrator trick. She’s keeping the ridiculous costumes, but replacing the bodies of the sexed-up female superheroes with male counterparts just to see what happens.

2. LANGUAGE/BASEBALL: Letters of Note has this excellent memo from 1898 instructing players on inappropriate language. On the no-no list “you prick eating bastard.”

3. BOOKS: The Guardian has a list of the hundred best non-fiction books. I have read a mere five. Pathetic.

4. SEX: My adoration for Ariel Levy knows few bounds. I very much enjoyed her essay in Guernica about her two first times. It’s a meditation on the meaning of virginity and intimacy in this day and age.

5. BODY WORDS: Great post by Virginia at Never Say Diet about the word “fat” and its many connotations. When did an adjective that describes a figure become such a derogatory term for all things horrible?

6. GAY: From the NYT, fascinating account of an “ex-gay” who went from editing a gay magazine in San Francisco to Bible school in Wyoming.

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