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S(Monday) Scraps 108


1. AUTHORS: 50 places every literary fan should visit, according to Flavorwire. I’ve been to one…

2. OITNB: If you are not watching Orange is the New Black I don’t even really know what to say to you anymore. Anyway, Autostraddle has an in-depth look at the differences between the memoir and the show.

3. RACE: After Don Lemon’s awful advice to black people (pull up your pants!) Jay Smooth takes him to task on the Ill Doctrine and explains how pulling up one’s pants does diddly squat to solve institutionalized inequality.

4. PRIVILEGE: Doug Muder’s The Weekly Sift very articulately picks apart the “distress of the privilege” with examples from Pleasantville to Chick-fil-A.

5. BRAZIL: Suketu Meta (author of Maximum City) writes for the New York Review of Books about his experience traveling in the favelas of Brazil.

6. ADVICE: George Saunders, who I love, gave a stellar commencement address to Syracuse about kindness.

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Video Wednesday

I’m busy, and sleepy, and my coffee consumption is about 8oz behind where it needs to be, so ignore your email for 10 minutes, go find a quiet conference room, and watch some videos that will make you smile:

The Austin Police Department released an It Gets Better video:

Soledad O’Brien is on a serious hot streak. Here she is up against mega pastor Joel Osteen:

Does anyone else have a super crush on The Ill Doctrine’s Jay Smooth? Here’s Jay on why Obama’s leaked tape from 2008 isn’t the same as Romney’s 47%. Can he just talk to me sleep every night? We don’t even have to cuddle.

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Sunday Scraps 38

1. OCCUPY: The internet works its collective magic once again with the pepper spray meme. Watch the California cop nonchalantly spray his way through famous works of art in this Wired gallery.

2. SIGH: One of these things is not  like the other. Time Magazine has different covers by region. Apparently Americans are VERY concerned with anxiety.

3. TELEVISION: Emily Nussbaum is now writing for The New Yorker, and this essay on 2 Broke Girls and Whitney is evidence that they chose well.

4. AWWW: Australian ad for marriage equality featuring hunky Australian men. You will tear up, and that’s a promise.

5. RACE: Jay Smooth from Ill Doctrine conducts a Ted Talk about conversations about race. Maybe we’ve all been approaching it a little bit wrong.

6. CONNECT: Forget 6 degrees of separation, science now suggests we average only 4.74 degrees from any Facebook using stranger. Yes, that qualifier is a little irritating, but the NYT piece is still worth a read.

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