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Sunday Scraps 25

1. ART: Slate has a slide show of Alexa Meade’s “human canvases.” She paints on real live human beings to make them look like paintings of humans.  Take another look at that picture above; that is a real dude on a subway platform.

2. LIBRARY: One Canadian library is combating the decline in readership by loaning out “human experts.” Hmmmmm. From GOOD Magazine.

3. SLUT: Alida at The Frenemy very succinctly, and hilariously, explains why throwing around “slut” is bad for all women, not just the receiver of the “insult.”

4. YOGA: Yoga teacher Sarah explains to The Awl what is so annoying about yoga (onion smell, excessive hugging, show-offs, etc.) and also explains why you should do it.

5: BRAZIL: How did Brazil manage to crash it’s birth rate to lower than the United States’ so quickly? This National Geographic piece looks at the causes for the “playground slide” drop, including telenovelas!

6: REPUBLICAN 2012: Venn diagrams are fun. Especially when they come from Nate Silver and have Republican nominee candidates categorized by “electable,” “interested in running,” and “reliably conservative.”

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Sunday Scraps Week 7

1. FASHION: I thought Anna Wintour determined the width of my jeans. Turns out, it’s cotton prices.

2. BOOKS: Newly crowned Pulitzer winner Jennifer Egan (A Visit from the Goon Squad) unnecessarily disses some top-notch chick-lit authors, like Megan McCafferty. Come on now, can’t we all get along?

3. SOMEDAY: Nate Silver at the NYT on the changing views of Americans regarding gay marriage. Have hope.

4. SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS: A teenager fakes a pregnancy for 6 months to document the reactions of her peers and community. Talk about commitment!

5. SPORTS/PROGRESS: A gay Brazilian volleyball player gets harassed by fans. His teammates show up in pink and rainbow jerseys. Now that’s teamwork.

6. GROSS: Royal wedding paraphernalia reaches heights of ridiculosity.

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Sunday Scraps Week 4

1. HOPE: For once, something positive in the world of sex-education. These Boston teenagers made a video asking for better (or any… let’s be honest) sex education. Poor students of color are the most at risk, and these kids know it and want to fix it. Can the adults get on board?

2. GROWN-UPS: Hilarious how they still think “hook-up” belongs in quotations.

3. BOOKS/JAPAN: Junot Diaz (The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) writes about falling in love with Tokyo, and in the inherent weakness of cities:  “Cities, after all, for all their massiveness, all their there-ness, are acutely vulnerable. No city in the world makes that vulnerability more explicit than Tokyo.”

4. MUSIC: Adele singing “Someone Like You” in her living room, being beautiful and amazing and completely mesmerizing.

5. BOOKS/INSULTS: This guy has solved the problem of what to ask your favorite authors when you get up to the signing table at a reading, he asks for an insult. Nothing quite like Amy Sedaris telling you can’t be a cunt because you “lack the warmth and depth.”

6. NEWS: Nate Silver points out, in his usual data-heavy, impossible-to-argue style, why nobody can replace the New York Times.

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