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Further Thoughts on Bling

Thanks to everyone who sent stories, gchats, comments, and responses my way after yesterday’s Role/Reboot engagement ring piece.

There were two substantive threads that came out of my follow-up conversations that I kind of wish I’d addressed in the original essay:

On Dudes

A number of people pointed out that I neglected to really consider the gentleman’s perspective on the engagement ring issue. How do they feel about the cost of a ring? How do they view the tradition? Does it feel burdensome and unfair? Or does it make them feel manly and mature? Both? If I purport to being all about equal partnership etc etc, where was the male perspective on this ancient tradition? Super valid points, folks, so valid that I’m contemplating a Part 2 specifically focused on how men approach the traditions and conventions of proposals. If you want to chat, shoot me a note/tweet/post etc.


Another facet of this conversation I neglected (this one more intentionally) is the emphasis on “showing off” the ring. You’ve all seen it; a woman walks into the office tentatively waving her ring finger around, waiting for someone to notice. When the first person does, a free-for-all ensues, a stampede of coworkers to see who can get closest to the gem and emit the loudest, most appreciative  “ooooooh!”

Some women I talked to described the feeling as “like you’ve won a prize.” People treat you like the newest lottery winner, possessor of a trophy marking some sort of status earned. The bigger the trophy, the more admiration bestowed on you. Here’s an example from the old standby, People:

For women, the indication that someone wants to marry you and is willing to prove it with a big diamond is still considered your biggest achievement. Really? An engagement ring trumps Olympic medals?

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Because of the check-out girl at the grocery store

It’s probably because the cashier at the grocery store once told me that I looked like Pink, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the singer. Plus, her VH1 Behind the Music was excellent. While granting that the whole thing could be your run-of-the-mill showbiz persona, I find her charmingly quirky and refreshingly frank. And also, super talented. I mean really, she’s singing while twirling on what are essentially toilet paper harnesses (skip to 4:00). I think that in another world, maybe we could be friends.

So anyway, I don’t normally get super invested in celebrity procreation (well….). I mean, I like babies as much as the next person, but I don’t get all choked up about it when celebrities have them. Except, something about this picture of Pink and Carey Hart and their new baby is getting to me.

From People Magazine

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