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S(Monday) Scraps 106


1. WEIGHT: How not to be a dick to your fat friends. Spot on advice from Marianne at XOJane.

2. HOLLYWOOD: This clip is old, but man is it good. Watch Dustin Hoffman have a few on-camera epiphanies while talking about dressing like a woman in Tootsie.

3. RACE: Kiese Laymon on multicultural writing, what it means to be a “real black writer,” and the state of modern publishing. For Guernica.

4. ABORTION: My second favorite dude comedian, Rob Delaney, writes for the Guardian about why he’s pro-choice.

5. SEX ED: The always excellent Marianne Cassidy on the sex education she wish she’d had (but never got, because she grew up in uber-Catholic Ireland).

6. WRITERS: Roxane Gay at The Rumpus applies the Vida test to race and publishing. Guess what percentage of NYT book reviews were of non-white writers?

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Sunday Scraps 67

1. TELEVISION: Someone took the time to make a Lego-animated recap of The Wire. It’s disconcertinly accurate, down to McNulty’s boozing and Lester’s dollhouses (via The Atlantic Wire).

2. NAMES: File this under things “Things I Worry About A Lot.” NPR investigates what happens when hyphen-girl meets hyphen boy and they try to name their offspring.

3. CRIME: Great, complex New York Times Magazine essay on the fate of Greg Ousley, who killed his parents at age fourteen, was tried as an adult, and is now a “model” prisoner.

4. BOOKS: Do you like books? Do you like the history of books? How about the history of the deckle edge (that rough, uneven way that some printers style book pages)? Then this piece from The Millions is for you.

5. BEAUTY: Just a little reminder that we could all be supermodels if we had the resources, and cheekbones. Or, at bare minimum, supermodels are really just very tall normal people when you take off the make-up.

6. TECH: TimesCast interviews Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, about her new project, Pinwheel.

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Sunday Scraps 18

1. LANGUAGE: Teenagers liked texting because it offered a “secret” way to communicate, but then grown-ups learned lol and omg, and the jig was up. Now, teenagers are using extinct, or near-extinct languages to revive that sense of secrecy, like teens in Chile who are posting youtube videos in Huiliche.

2. DATING: Caroline Lancaster writes for Role/Reboot about opting out of the relationship game….for four years, and the looks you get from a gynecologist when you’re a sexually inactive 26-year-old.

3. ADVERTISING: Copyranter has found the unfindable… a sanitary napkin ad with a reference to blood! Wait, what? You mean it’s not supposed to be blue liquid?

4. SHERYL: The New Yorker has a fascinating profile of Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg, elaborating on her Barnard commencement address and the whole “lean in” advice.

5. BOOKS: When he sold his first book, Alex Shakar had never made more than $12,000. His novel was a meditation on consumerism and was poised to be a bestseller… and then 9/11 happened and it all came crumbling down. He recounts the tumultuous year in this essay for The Millions.

6.RESISTANCE: Sociological Images has a fun collection of examples of graffiti identifying and protesting misogynistic advertising. For example, on a Special K billboard, “I know you think I should diet so I can be slim just like you. Thing is, I think I look pretty fabulous just the way I am. Also, Special-K tastes like cardboard.”

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So THIS is why people hate feminism!

In honor of the holiday, you should watch this outstanding web series, “Vag Magazine,” about a group of misguided “feminists”, Sylvie, Fennel (HA), Bethany and Heavy Flo. They bought a fashion magazine with the proceeds from their Etsy shop (selling reusable menstrual pads, they were all bought by Sylvie’s dad), and retained exactly one employee, Meghan. Her incredulity in the face of their blatant misappropriation of the feminist language is the best part:

Fennel: Do you know what feminism is?

Meghan: Um, yeah. Feminism is about men and women being equal. I actually minored in women’s studies.

Fennel: No. Feminism is about women doing whatever they want.

Bethany: As long as it’s fun! Feminism is about fun!

In episode 3, you can look forward to this particular line by Sylvie: “On a different note, I totally respect all of you as women, but whoever has been leaving menstrual blood on the couches needs to stop. We’ve had complaints from our cleaning feminists.”

Or consider the excellent encounter,when Meghan suggests consulting a lawyer when the cover model bails on the cover shoot:

Meghan: I’m going to recommend the lawyers thing again…

Sylvie: Meghan, we don’t men to solve our problems

Meghan: You know, female lawyers are totally a thing!

Each episode is only 5 minutes, so I absolutely recommend you watch the whole goddamn series right now.

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2001, Meet 2011

As my parents move out of the house(s)* I grew up in, I’m forced to relive some of the highlights of middle-school Emily. I found my “graffiti skirt,” on which I wrote really deep, meaningful quotes by Nirvana (Yeah, man… like… teen spirit, or something…) I found a retainer because I must have actually believed that orthodontia might inspire future-Emily to feel some nostalgia (it did not). But the best find of all was no contest. Behold, a 2001 Special Collector’s Edition of YM magazine.

You missed Joey Fatone, didn't you?

Not familiar with YM? Wikipedia tells us that YM was actually founded in 1932 and is the second oldest girls magazine in America. After a series of mergers and name changes (Calling All Girls to Young Miss to Young & Modern to Your Magazine), the bastion of teen magazine publishing closed its glossy covers forever in 2004.

I will periodically dip into this glorious goldmine of bedazzled jeans, poor facial hair and pop stars that are, unbelievably, still pop stars, and share some of the goodies. For this installation, celebrities selling beauty products:

Jessica Simpson for Redken

98Degrees for Herbal Essences

Mandy Moore for Neutrogena

Christina Aguilera for Fetish

How the world has barely changed at all! Sidenote: Who knew that 98 Degrees’ Justin Jeffre ran for Mayor of Cincinatti and received only 708 votes?

*I come from a “creative” family. Both my dad/stepmom and mom/stepdad are moving out of their respective homes.


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