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S(Monday) Scraps 108


1. THIRD COAST: Tom Dyja, author of The Third Coast, is interviewed about the Midwest, Chicago, hot dogs, etc on the Freakonomics podcast.

2. COMICS: Bill Watterson, genius behind Calvin and Hobbes, has beautifully illustrated a little life philosophy for all those twenty-somethings (or forty-somethings) trying to figure it out.

3. YEAR25: The blog Wait But Why explains with hand charts, graphs, and cartoons why we millennials are chronically dissatisfied. Yes, it’s talking about you.

4. AUTHORS: What if famous authors had instagram? #malaise #misunderstood (BuzzFeed).

5. BEYONCE: Todrick Hall has created an incredibly elaborate Cinderella parody exclusively set to Beyonce songs. It’s called…wait for it… Cinderonce.

6. CELEBS: Just for kicks, a gallery of celebrity photos from back in the day. Damn, Stephen Colbert, you were fiiiiiine.

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Sunday Scraps 101


1. COLBERT: Did you hear Brad Paisley and LL Cool J’s song “Accidental Racist?” More importantly, have you seen Colbert’s rebuttal, “Oopsy Daisy Homophobe?”

2. DOLLS: Man, I still remember Kirsten and the cholera epidemic. Apparently, the American Girls focus is a little different these days (The Atlantic). 

3. MUSIC: Insanely talented tween duo Lennon and Maisy cover The Lumineers on Nashville and it is oh so good.

4. GENDER: Sociological Images has a collection of photos of girls and boys surrounded by their pink and blue crap, respectively.

5. PREZ: The President at the White House Correspondants Dinner. My highlight = the joke about Michelle’s bangs.

6. LEAN: Man, this letter from a mom to her 8-year-old daughter just about breaks my heart. The girl asked her mother whether she loved work more than her kids and her mother responds pitch perfectly.

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Sunday Scraps 44

1. POLITICS: Presidential candidacies meet the logic of online dating at USA Today. Choose your issues, rank their importance, see who your dream date to the White House is.

2. TWEEN: Who doesn’t love a precocious kid spouting eloquent, passionate, articulated arguments against slut-shaming and rape culture? She’s a rock star.

3. COLBERT: Super fascinating article from the NYT on the many faces of Stephen Colbert. What happens when a fictional character starts meddling in real world politics with real money and real influence?

4. CHO: On Jezebel, Margaret Cho rips her asinine critics to pieces after their body snarking gets out of hand. “I want to punish you with the unforgettable shit you will take to your grave and hurt you long after you are dead in the ground. may my poison bore holes in your dry, decaying bones. I am not proud of this, but it’s just the way this life has made me.”

5. LIBRARY: The Milwaukee Public Library has a new promotional campaign. Copyranter has the scoop.

6. BOOTYCALL: (NSFW!) From Fleshbot, here are pretty logical rules and regs for healthy, happy booty-calling.

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How Biased Am I?

I decided to put myself to a little test. I was inspired by Jennifer Dalton’s artsy media analysis profiled on Jezebel. She does some neat visual stuff with the gender breakdowns of talk show guests. For example, she calculated that in 2010, 79% of The Daily Show‘s guests were men. Colbert was even worse, at 82%. Rachel Maddow herself hosted 80% male guests. Yowza.

To be fair, those three shows are politically themed, and is it their fault if politicians are overwhelmingly male? I’d argue that the pundits are reflecting the inequality of the pool, not necessarily promoting the gender gap. We could dig further and ask what percentage of male congressmen have been featured on these shows versus the percentage of female congresswomen. The issue is, there are so few female congresswomen that I doubt we’d even get a viable statistical sample! I’d like Dalton to blow it out further and and see how many of the female guests on Stewart and Colbert were actresses promoting movies vs. substantive players on the national or international scene.

Annnnnywaaay, here’s what I thought I’d do. I have a category over the right sidebar called “Really Good Writing by Other People”. This is what I use when the point of my lazy post is to say, “Go here, read this.” In some capacity, by assigning a writer or blogger that label, I’m doling out Emily-influence points. So… the question is, who is getting Emily points?

I dug through the last 3 months of posts that warranted the RGWBOP label and tallied the gender of the authors to whom I was directing traffic. In some cases, one post included more than one author, so those counted separately. Only one was listed twice (Kate Fridkis at Eat the Damn Cake). There were 56 writers, including a double count for Kate. Here’s the breakdown:

Actually more even than I would have thought, given the Rosie the Riveter icon on the banner….

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Sunday Scraps 22

1. GENDER: Sociological Images caught a great example of gender assumptions in kids products, this one more insidious than most. The boy backpack is for a pilot, the girl backpack is for a pilot’s assistant.

2. COLBERT: Stephen Colbert picked apart the coverage of new health care regulations that cover breast pumps, birth control and domestic abuse counseling. “What’s next?” says the commentator, “manicures and pedicures?”

3. SPORTS: The history of the “high five” from ESPN. Who knew it included the first MLB player to come out (after he left the league)?

4. INTERWEBZ: Debates I often have with myself about arguments on the internet, crystallized in infographic form.

5. PARANOIA: I cackled at this post from The Bloggess about using bananas to scare the bejeezus out of your friends, or random supermarket patrons.

6. LIFE: Big questions? McSweeney’s has all the answers.

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