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An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Skype Call

An atheist and a Christian walk into a skype call…

Sounds like the beginning of a terrible joke OR a super fun conversation between two very different people with very different experiences. My friend Jonalyn and I spent some time a few weeks back discussing the separation of church and state, gay marriage, tolerance vs. acceptance vs. celebration, and many other fun things in a….shall we say… wandering conversation for video series Emerald City

For those of you paying attention, we did this once before and discussed what kinds of sex count as real sex, intimacy, and “stewarding virginity” which is just the greatest phrase ever.

Check us out:

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Gavin McInnes and the Myth of “Real Masculinity”

Have you guys seen the Gavin McInnes video on HuffPo Live yet? The co-founder of Vice let loose during a panel on masculinity with a petulant, aggressive, woefully misinformed tirade about how:

a) Feminism makes women sad

b) Women are trying to be like men

c) Women who work and men who take care of kids are working “against the natural order”

It was baaaad. The other panelists responded well, especially Professor Mary Anne Franks, but McInnes’ volume and tone (he calls Franks a “fucking idiot”) make a rational conversation really, really difficult. I’m reminded of an unrelated line in a Slate piece about Ender’s Game author Orson Scott Card: “There are those who think that the failure of the world to agree with them, and their embrace of violence as a solution, somehow makes them the strong ones and the world the weak ones. But violence is such an easy solution, the emotional coward’s way out of actually dealing with the existence of those who disagree as legitimate equals.”

There is so much in his position to argue against (Um, what about gay folks? Um, working outside the home doesn’t necessarily mean working all night like a crazy person. Um, yes, childcare is exceptionally important, why would we deprive dads of participating? Um, since when has a “natural order” ever led us towards anything but discrimination and prejudice?) but I am mostly just sad for him. He clearly believes in what he’s spouting, that this ambitious, aggressive, chest-pumping version of masculinity is the only way to be a “real man.”

Here’s my piece about McInnes’ outburst, feminism, and all of the work we still have to do:



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S(Monday) Scraps 108


1. AUTHORS: 50 places every literary fan should visit, according to Flavorwire. I’ve been to one…

2. OITNB: If you are not watching Orange is the New Black I don’t even really know what to say to you anymore. Anyway, Autostraddle has an in-depth look at the differences between the memoir and the show.

3. RACE: After Don Lemon’s awful advice to black people (pull up your pants!) Jay Smooth takes him to task on the Ill Doctrine and explains how pulling up one’s pants does diddly squat to solve institutionalized inequality.

4. PRIVILEGE: Doug Muder’s The Weekly Sift very articulately picks apart the “distress of the privilege” with examples from Pleasantville to Chick-fil-A.

5. BRAZIL: Suketu Meta (author of Maximum City) writes for the New York Review of Books about his experience traveling in the favelas of Brazil.

6. ADVICE: George Saunders, who I love, gave a stellar commencement address to Syracuse about kindness.

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Monday Scraps 89


1. SNOW: This epic John Branch story is a freaking commitment (took me about an hour to read, I think), but one that’s well worth it. With amazing graphics and video, he recounts the avalanche at Tunnel Creek.

2. THIEVERY: Super fun profile of “supernatural” pickpocket Apollo Robbins by Adam Green for the New Yorker.

3. FASHION: Girls is coming back! Yippee! Get excited by reading about how Jessa, Marnie, Shoshanna and Hannah are dressed and styled.

4. MONSTERS: As part of a promotional campaign for the new Monsters Inc. prequel, check out the parody website “Monsters University.”

5. MATT + BEN: Who doesn’t love a good oral history of a much beloved cultural landmark? (Side note: The Friends oral history in Vanity Fair was excellent.) For Boston magazine, Ben, Matt, Stellan, Robin and more recount how Good Will Hunting got made.

6. EDUCATION: I dare you to not get weepy at this NYT video of a very special physics teacher.

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Sunday Scraps 88


1. SANDY: Great longform essay in the NYT, about how a private apartment complex in the Rockaways, called the Sand Castle, fared during Sandy.

2. CRAY: If you watch one video this holiday season, make it this one, of a trio of Russian gymnasts defying all laws of physics and biology.

3. GAMING: ChartPorn has a graphic illustrating the evolution of video games by both genre (check out the fall of arcade-style) and by platform.

4. NEWTOWN: I had to look up “Moloch” to get this Garry Willis piece for New York Review of Booksand I will let you enjoy the same wikipedia adventure, but once I did, totally worth it.

5. LANGUAGE: Why does “doubt” have a “B” in it? Don’t you just want a TED Talk on this exact subject?

6. BOOBS: I’m a little late on the uptake with Anna March’s Salon piece, “My Shazam Boobs“, but it is as good as everyone said it was. What are boobs for, exactly? And how does that change, psychologically, as we age and combat illness or the threat of it?

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Rosie in the News #3

Well goddamn if this isn’t the coolest. New York University’s Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives just launched an oral history collection called The Real Rosie the Riveter Project. The archive is a collaboration between filmmakers Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly and playwright Elizabeth Hemmerdinger.

The names alone are excellent: Bonnie, Lucretia, Mildred, Dorice, Maizie, and Idamae.

Anyone with grandparents is familiar with the rambling, tangent-driven storytelling style of those in their 80s and 90s, and these Rosies are no different; Mazie Mullins takes a long detour through molasses making, for example. Pick one and listent to it tonight. Think of it as a really slow, really jumbled TED Talk, without all the slick powerpoint pizazz or snazzy acronyms.

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Sunday Scraps 46

1. DISNEY: The most epic Disney a capella medley ever. Costume changes included. Prepare yourself, it’s seven minutes long.

2. TAPE: Artist Max Zorn uses only brown packing tape and a scalpel to make these images.

3. TECH: Geek out with me over this sweet graph tracking browser usage. Watch the life and death of AOL, the rise of Mozilla, and ridiculous longevity of Internet Explorer.

4. SAVAGE: Dan Savage + Ira Glass. Done and done.

5. WHALES: Salon has a fascinating look at the history and veracity of the man-in-whale folklore. Is it possible to come out the other side, as so many myths would suggest?

6. CHOICE: Really excellent essay about why pro-life advocate John Saveland supports Planned Parenthood. Imagine how much further this conversation could go if everyone employed such rationality and logic!

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