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Long Time No Talk! Some new stuff…

I’ve been thinking a lot about Matilda lately. You remember Matildaright? The Roald Dahl masterpiece about a tiny girl with terrible parents who can magically move things with her mind? [SPOILER ALERT, though seriously, this book is 26 years old so you probably would have read it if you were going to read it] At the end, when Matilda finally gets some quality education, from Miss Honey instead of the evil Miss Trunchbull, her magical powers go away. When she finally puts her brain to some serious learning, she doesn’t have all the extra mental energy to move salt shakers across the table.

I have a new job and I feel like Matilda when her powers vanished. A little bit bereft, but mostly thrilled to be fully engaged by the thing that I theoretically am supposed to spend so much of my time doing. I had…ahem… outgrown my previous role, and I was directing all my mental energy towards writing, blogging, and communicating with you fine people of the Interwebz.

I hope that explains a bit about my recent absence. I’m planning to continue writing and posting as much as is feasible, because I love it and it’s good practice, but if it looked like I was using magical powers to produce content before, know that it was only a Matilda situation.

That said, I’ve written a few things lately that you should read. This week, I wrote about the douchery of dudes who try to avoid wearing condoms through pressure, guilt-tripping, shaming or old-fashioned TRICKERY. I got SO many stories from people who have experienced this terrible phenomenon. On the bright side, I learned a new term, “micro-consents,” which references all the many other “yeses” we say after the initial “yes” that help us continually stay on the same page as our partners re things like protection and preferences.


Speaking of new jobs… I got this job I’m doing now through an all-lady, invite-only Facebook group. For a split-second I felt guilty about “taking advantage” of this “exclusive” network, but then I was all like, OH RIGHT OLD BOYS CLUBS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR EVER. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the specific values of all-lady spaces:


Lastly, if you didn’t catch my segment on The Morning AMp a couple of weeks ago, listen to me, Molly Adams, and Brian Babylon chat about Mt. Holyoke’s new policy about transgender students, the new “normal” family, and other fun stuff.


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On the Radio: The Council of Feminist Thought

photo (20)If you date a lot, you probably have a system for keeping track of all the randos in your phone. Maybe you use the name of the bar where you met, or the defining facial feature, or, in my case, the last name tag “OKC” for those found on the interwebz. As I’ve discussed, my OKC section is… substantial —>

I had the script flipped on me in a delightful way recently, when one recent dater-of-Emily renamed me in his phone from the generic “OKC” to “Council on Feminist Thought.” How badass is that? Printing business cards in 3, 2, 1….

All of this is a roundabout way of sharing that I was on the Council of Feminist Thought this week on Vocalo’s The Morning AMp. We discussed why “having it all” should be a conversation we extend to men, if we’re going to bother having it all (er… no pun intended), the perils of pejorative nicknames, and superheroines!

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Dating like a feminist

Last week I joined Molly and Brian on Vocalo’s Feminist Wednesdays to talk about dating while feminist. As usual, it was a blast and a half. What part should gender roles play in modern dating? How much should we rely on traditional who-does-what? Should we just mimic the gays? They seem able to figure this out without pointing at genitalia as the reason one person should or shouldn’t buy the other person dinner…

Listen away!

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Talkin’ Harassment & India on the Radio

tumblr_static_13_vocalo_tumblr__4_Yesterday morning I joined Molly Adams, Brian Babylon, and Siri Bulusu on Vocalo’s morning program to discuss last week’s brouhaha about the CNN iReport article on India and harassment culture. Remember that brouhaha? It was before the Miley brouhaha. We should make a calendar to keep all the brouhahas straight, don’t you think?

If you recall, the issue here is decidedly NOT questioning the author’s personal experience in India, but rather questioning the tone and context of her article. Questions to think about:

  • What are our obligations to contextualize our suffering on the scale of greater suffering? 
  • How much do we need to call out our own privilege to avoid sounding off on the “plight of the white woman”?
  • What can we do to condemn harassment, sexual assault and rape without stereotyping an entire nation of men?
  • How do we acknowledge the particular problems of one country while simultaneously recognizing that we have similar problems of our own?
  • Is it appropriating to relate the trauma of other people who do not have access to the megaphones we have in order to justify our own trauma? Is there a way to do that gracefully and justly?

As always, I enjoy my time with the Morning Amp crew and look forward to future discussions of tricky issues in gender and media.

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Celebs, Jerry Lewis, Roman Polanski and Me

In case you missed it, on The Morning AMp this morning the Council on Feminist Thought discussed many important things including Jerry Lewis’ idiocy over female comedians (do you remember Tina Fey’s response? “We don’t fucking care if you like it.”), Roman Polanski’s moronic comments about birth control, and more on celebrity overshares vs. megashares.

Sidenote: Council on Feminist Thought is a badass name. Wish I had come up with that.

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Announcements: On the radio + We have a Winner!

vocaloHousekeeping! Tomorrow I’ll be on the radio here in Chicago, though of course you can listen online. The details:

What: Feminist Wednesdays on Morning AMp on Vocalo

When: 9am to 10am central

Where: Listen at vocalo.org or 90.7 if you live in Chicago

Want to participate? Tweet at @TheMorningAMp to ask a question or throw in a comment.

Also, we have a winner! Shani B. won the giveaway! Shani’s got until end of day Wednesday to reply (I sent you an FB message, too, Shani!) If not, we’ll pick another random winner!

Thanks all for your kind words and fun tweets. I learned that a lot of you have interesting favorite colors.

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Want to know what I sound like?

vocaloThat’s kind of weird title for this post. I know with some people I follow on the interwebs, I’m always surprised to find out what they actually look or sound like. Sometimes they’re a different gender than I thought (ahem, Nico Lang) and I’m all like…whoa…I’ve got biases too!

Anyway, if you’ve been wondering what sound like when I talk (hint: I have a bit of a Joplin rasp at the moment), tune in tomorrow at vocalo.org around 8:30am CT to me hear me talk some feminism, Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In etc. If you’re in Chicagoland, you can listen at 90.7 or 89.5.

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