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S(M)onday Scraps 103


1. HISTORY: Imagine you’re 23 and you’re heading off to WWII as a nurse. What do you pack? Slate‘s new history blog has got you covered with a real recommended packing list. Don’t forget your homemade Kotex!

2. ELLEN: Ellen solves all problems. In this clip, she takes on Abercrombie and their whole “only skinny kids are cool” baloney.

3. ART: Like me, you probably assumed pin-up artistry was historically a male artform. Not so! Three of the most respected pin-up artists were women, who knew?

4. SPORTS: Remember Allyson Felix, the Olympic sprinter? What happens after you win gold and you’ve accomplished all your goals at 26? Grantland finds out.

5. EVEREST: Apparently, Mount Everest is overrun by inexperienced, poorly equipped climbers. National Geographic explores what it’s like to wait in line to hike the summit.

6. MAKE-UP: In this short Thought Catalog piece, Chelsea Fagan explains some of the complex rationales that inform female make-up habits. It’s not as simple, “I want to look hot.”

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Rosie in the News: Alfred T. Palmer Edition

I can’t figure out why these photographs are suddenly showing up in my internet lap this week, but I’m not mad they’re here. Alfred T. Palmer was a photographer most famous for his WWII portraits, including these fabulous color prints of Rosies riveting:


Rosie 2

Rosie 3

Rosie 4

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Sunday Scraps 78

1. FRISK: A 17-year-old in New York City secretly recorded two cops harassing him for his race and appearance and threatening to beat him, all part of the legal policy known as “Stop and Frisk” (The Atlantic).

2. WEIGHT: Roxane Gay writes for the Wall Street Journal on how, despite the recent rash of plus-sized women on  screen, their weight is still the punch line to a joke instead of just one feature of many.

3. KISS: You know that famous VJ Day kiss photo? Turns out that the story isn’t quite what we thought it was, and a whole lot less romantic (Mother Jones).

4. INTERWEBZ: Reddit’s #1 creeper (creator of such subreddits as “jailbait” and “creeshots”) was recently outed by Gawker. Given the guy has made his name posting other people’s photos and claiming “if they didn’t want us to see it, they wouldn’t have put it on Facebook,” it seems ironic that he’s so pissed about being exposed. Dude, if you didn’t want people to know you’re a creeper, don’t be a creeper.

5. GIRLS: This week’s International Day of the Girl had the likes of Melinda Gates, Christiane Amanpour and Oprah offering advice to their 15-year-old selves.

6. INIGO: Homeland standout Mandy Patinkin was interviewed by NPR about the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride. He said, “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed…”

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Rosie in the News #7: Rivets and Rosebuds

30 Rosies gather in Phoenix, AZ (via yourwestvalley.com)

This article on the recent Rosie the Riveter convention in Phoenix, AZ is a gem. So many excellent facts:

1. There exists an American Rosie the Riveter Association.

2. Daughters of Rosies are called Rosebuds

3. Sons and husbands of Rosies are called Rivets

4. Jan Brewer, the horribly offensive governor of Arizona (do you look illegal?) declared May 28th, 2012 Rosie the Riveter Day.

5. There is such a thing as the Female Cowboy Poet Society.

In seriousness, Rosies, like any group of people from that era, are a dwindling bunch and opportunities to hear their stories are consequently dwindling.

A few years ago, I worked on a documentary about women at the University of Chicago (which opened as a co-ed institution in 1892). I interviewed female alums from every decade since the 40s, and there’s something pretty inspiring about the bonds that people form when they are, for whatever reason, the “other” in a larger community.

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Rosie the Riveter convention! Maybe next year!

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Sunday Scraps 40

1. NPR: The voices of NPR as artist Gaelen Kelly assumes they look. Not too far off, eh?

2. PHOTO: Buzzfeed has a collection of the most powerful photos from the year.

3. BELLY: From xojane comes the Real Belly Project. Dozens of pictures of real women’s actual tummies. Some are flat, some are not. Some are smooth, some are not.

4. DANCE: Skip to 1:10 to watch the most bad-ass pole-dancing video you’ve ever seen. Safe for work, unless the fact that “pole dancing” is in the title is a problem in your office.

5. WWII: Life Magazine‘s archive of photos of women during WWII, like these ladies putting out a fire at Pearl Harbor.

6. DAUGHTERS: Louis CK writes for Fast Company about why he’s glad to have daughters, and how he thinks the next Steve Jobs will most definitely be a chick.

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