Police Logs

CopyRanter has this entry from a small town police log:

Ha. As if that can compete with my hometown, good old Lexington, MA. These are all taken straight from The Minuteman (and yes, that’s the name of our local paper).

A man, 19, of Bedford Street was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery on a police officer. He was allegedly selling wreathes without a permit during Festival night. After several warnings from police officers to stop selling, the man got upset and threw a donut at an officer, hitting him in the chest.

A juvenile on Charles Street dialed 911 and yelled unintelligibly into the phone for several minutes. Police responded to the call and found a distraught teenager who was upset because she wanted a better grade and her father wasn’t available to help her with her homework. She received an A-, police say.

A police officer received a minor injury to his shoulder after attempting to right a knocked-over mailbox on Mass Ave. The officer is currently back on duty.

A caller reported a vehicle driving erratically near Hancock Street. Officers on the scene located the vehicle and reported it was a resident who was teaching her daughter how to drive.

A Lexington High School student reported that another student had been calling her cell phone frequently. The other student agreed to cease calling.

An employee of a gas station on Woburn Street reported that a driver had left the station without paying for approximately $10 worth of gas. The vehicle was located and the driver went back to pay for the gas.

Workers at the United Methodist Church on Massachusetts Avenue turned in a small amount of Marijuana found in a bag left on the playground of the property.

Reminds me of this excellent headline from the The Austin American-Statesman (Thanks Sara!)

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  1. Sbm52

    Rosie, thanks for your chosen reading options while you are away. ……just FYI, GReader is mistakenly listing your last update as happening in late May (clearly an error). You may want to check it out.

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