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Monday Scraps 83

1. GIFTS: After Romney’s post-election definition-of-a-sore-loser quotes about the “gifts” the President gave young people and minorities (Did you know you can buy a 24-year-old’s vote for a couple of months of contraception. TRUE FACT), Jon Stewart shared a few other “gifts.”

2. MORMON: Super excellent piece by McKay Coppins for BuzzFeed on being the sole Mormon reporter on the Romney press bus.

3. MEXICO: What happens to journalism when bribery, threats, and frequent spates of violence directed specifically at the press plague your country? Just ask reporters covering Mexico’s drug wars (NYT Book Review).

4. LANGUAGE: Which words does the NYT use too often? A new internal tool lets the paper (and curious spectators) explore the patterns of language perpetuated and created.

5. HILLARY: Gail Collins + Hillary Clinton = excellent reading. What will Hillary do next? Sleep, aparently, and exercise.

6. DENVER: This is from 2007, but I’m kind of obsessed with Katherine Boo this week, so I’m sharing it anyway. For the New Yorker, she covers the story of Denver’s superintendent and the journey of one turnaround school that couldn’t quite turnaround.

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Sunday Scraps 82

1. SPORTS: New York Times Magazine has a killer front page story on Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder, how NBA can revitalize a city, and a city can dig in and support a team.

2. LADIES: Mother Jones has compiled a quick list of some kick-ass stats about women this election cycle. You’ve probably seen them, but it’s pretty powerful to line them up like this.

3. MARRIAGE EQUALITY: NFL-er of my dreams, Minnesota kicker Chris Kluwe, writes for Slate about what an amazing day it was on Tuesday. Progressive athletes = the coolest.

4. MADDOW: Have you seen Rachel Maddow’s summary of Tuesday’s results. Girlface kills it so hard.

5. BIGOTRY: Dominic Holden for The Stranger undertakes an interesting experiment, calling all of the biggest donors who contributed to the fight against marriage equality in Washington.

6. NYC: Great story in NYMag about the process of creating what will soon be the iconic image of post-Sandy NYC.

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Pie and Wine, Relief and Fear

It’s over, and good riddance! Can we just wash our hands of the whole campaign season, of looping attack ads, of misquotes, of rape philosophizing, of spray-tans, of soundbites, of punditry, of Gallup and Rasmussen? Wouldn’t that be nice?

But the work isn’t over, so said President Obama on Tuesday night, and he’s obviously right. In the waves of relief and gratitude and joy and thank-fucking-God-it’s-over, there was also fear. At least, there was for me. That’s what I wanted to convey this week at Role/Reboot, how amazed I am by what we did this election, and how scared I am by the work ahead:

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Get on it, America

The system isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got and it’s better than what most people in the world have. Can you imagine if we lived in a place where one candidate won and the other dude was like, “Yeah, no…. I kind of dig this office. Go fuck yourself. Oh, and also, I’m going to take this bevy of ladies as my harem”?

In my polling place, the line was only a half hour, but folks were chatting and calm, feeling grateful to be a part of the process. When the line was too slow, voters skipped the privacy of the booths and started filling out their ballots up agains the garage door of the fire station or the red walls of the engine. Find a way.

A few weeks ago, an undecided friend of mine in Wisconsin sent me a plea for information. She was overwhelmed and confused and couldn’t find a way through the muck. She wanted some unbiased comparisons, so I sent her the most unbiased things I could find. I feel that democracy is ten times as powerful when you make a decision for yourself than when you follow lockstep with your pastor/parent/professor because you don’t have time/energy/desire to do the work yourself. For trying to do due diligence, I admire my friend.

Today, I sent her my unbiased opinion. It’s too important to let it slide and you never know what might tip someone as they’re standing there in the booth.

Today is the day. See you on the other side.


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Sunday Scraps 80

1. WOMEN: A slew of famous and not-s0-famous ladies (Lena Dunham, Tavi Gevinson, Tracee Ellis-Ross) lip sync to Leslie Gore’s 1963 classic “You Don’t Own Me” to protest the GOP’s anti-vagina policies.

2. ICELAND: Can a constitution be crowdsourced? Iceland thinks so, incorporating ideas and suggestions from Facebook and Twitter into their new document.

3. HALLOWEEN: Comedians Emotistyle have a break-out hit on their hands with soon-to-be-classic Halloween anthem “Things You Can Be on Halloween Besides Naked!”

4. ECONOMY: McSweeney’s, of all places, has a really clear, interesting, well-articulated essay from economist Robert Dittmar on why we’re in debt. I think I might get it…

5. BREAKING BAD: Taylor Swift + Breaking Bad = This parody video on the dissolution of the Walter/Jesse relationship, “We Are Never Going to Cook Together.”

6. COLBERT: God, Stephen Colbert is so freakin’ smart. For Playboy, he’s interviewed about his history with family tragedy, maintaining two personas, and how he still convinces people to be on his show.

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I know, I know, the binders have been much discussed and maligned, tumbled, tweeted, instagrammed and reviewed on Amazon. While it is a hilarious turn of phrase, in my opinion, it was one of the least problematic statements from Governor Romney during the debate.

This week for Role/Reboot, I explored why I’m down the with binders o’ women, as long as we recognize how temporary a fix such a binder is and how much opportunity equalizing we still have to do. Romney doesn’t, and that’s the real problem:

Side note: If you get a chance, read Nicole Rodgers’ piece on Role/Reboot today, because it is excellent.

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Polls are really good at one thing, creating jobs for people who like talking about polls:

And this is only but a teaser. Click for full chart.

Similarly, in things that do not matter:

Come on, New York Times, you too?

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